192167065 Single Grain Whisky
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Single Grain Whisky
Single Grain Whisky
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Following last year's Cally 40 Year Old, it's now Cambus' turn to provide a well-aged official bottling of single grain for the Special Releases. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this is also the oldest ever official bottling of Cambus. Aged in refill American oak hogsheads, just 1,812 bottles have been produced.


Very well-matured single grain here from the Cameronbridge distillery, independently bottled by Douglas Laing! This expression was distilled in January 1978 and matured in a single refill barrel for 40 years, before being bottled in March 2018 for the Xtra Old Particular range, 211 bottles were released.


Cask strength Cameronbridge single grain here, distilled all the way back in March 1984. It was set aside to age in a single refill hogshead, and it did so for an impressive 35 years before being bottled in May 2019 by Douglas Laing. 205 bottles were released as part of the Xtra Old Particular range, which is reserved for very special whiskies (like this one, clearly).


From Douglas Laing’s XOP range (Xtra Old Particular) comes this 41-year-old single grain whisky, aged in a refill hogshead. Bottled at natural cask strength – 50.8% ABV – the nose is distinctly fruity, with additional notes of honey. The palate holds a real Americana style, with sweet corn flavours and hints of vanilla, and finishes with buttery toffee flavours.


A fabulous single grain from Garnheath Distillery, which was closed and demolished in 1986 – just eight years after this whisky was distilled in 1974! It rested for many, many moons in a single refill barrel, until Douglas Laing bottled the Lowlander in April 2020. Just 139 bottles were released for the Xtra Old Particular series at an approachable cask strength, 45.9% ABV, full of that hallmark grain sweetness.


Distilled in July 1988 at Girvan, this single grain Scotch whisky was aged in a single refill hogshead which yielded 230 bottles. After 30 years this special liquid was bottled at 58.1% ABV in March 2019, for Douglas Laing's Xtra Old Particular series. Very extra and very old indeed.


Single cask single grain from the Girvan Distillery, independently bottled by Douglas Laing for the Xtra Old Particular range. It was distilled in May 1979 and left to age in a single refill hogshead for over 40 years - an impressive feat! It was bottled in May 2019 with a small outturn of 317 bottles, each one accompanied by its own wooden presentation case.